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  • Hands-on practical sessions conducted on frequent basis.
  • Bridging the gap between Theortical and practical Knowledge, helping students understand know-how of the subject.
  • Experienced and qualified faculty members.
  • Entrance exam preparation(JEE/CET/NEET)
  • Coaching for Engineering Mathematics.
  • Affordable fees with easy Installments.


  • Dedicated Teachers Helping to bring the best from the students.
  • Focused on Practical Oriented Teaching Methodology.
  • Preparation of Future Profession, acquisition of Professional Knowledge and skills.


  • Making Students Friendly with Molecular, atomic, and analytical approach of Chemistry.
  • Exploring the dimensions of chemistry.
  • Helping Curious Minds to think, analyse and explore everyday Phenomenon of Chemistry.


  • Introduction to concepts through Examples.
  • Help students find the perfect solution to the problems in Mathematics.
  • Helping students understand practically about the world of Mathematics.


  • Determined, Experienced faculties to help student experience the fundamentals of Biology.
  • Regular Lectures on anatomy, Dissection of Tissues/Organs for Experiencing Biology in Real way.
  • Giving students Zest of Biology and making them think about the subject through Models and Teaching aids etc
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