CSR ( Free Coaching )

CSR ( Free   Coaching )

     Every Child wishes to pursue his/her Dream in whichever field they want to, Sometimes some Economical circumstances may become their obstacles and can make them far away from their goals and aim. We at Achievers Academy try to help each and every student who is Economically Underprivileged Or Financially Unstable to help achieve their dream of becoming a successfull individual in his/Her life. Achievers Academy Runs a CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) wing aiming to help students in their academics by giving them FREE COACHING. We help students to Dream big, Help them achieve it with the help of young, dynamic and dedicated Teachers. Along with different students of different backgrounds Achievers Academy has always brought the best from each and every student. We believe that Finanical Constraints should not be the barrier to come in between any student who wishes to achieve his/her dream of Becoming something. We here in every possible way will help, Mentor, Guide and Teach students in helping to make their dreams come true!

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